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Our Mission

The Errand Squad is a full- Service Errand and Concierge company that provides the highest level of service to Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We provide a wide range of personal, senior, corporate and driving services to our customers.

We pride ourselves in delivering time saving, life management solutions to our clients. Our brand is formulated through developing creative strategies that take away the stresses of life and provide our clients with a work-life balance. We are committed to delivering our clients the highest quality of service while we ensure that we always precisely meet our clients needs. We give you back your time so that you can get to do those things that matter.

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Our Vision

To be the best full-service corporate concierge provider in Gauteng by the year 2022 and South Africa by 2025. Helping employees attain a work-life balance that suits the individual and their family. Through the utilization of our services, companies will better retain their valued and talented employees, becoming the best company to work for.

Our Values



We are dedicated to meeting our customer's needs


We exhibit honesty and are ethical and fair in everything that we do.


We are passionate about delivering the highest quality of service.


What we do, we do to the best of our ability

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Our Partners

The errand squad is growing it's
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Adhilla Schofield


Here to manage all your urgent tasks with efficiency

Contact +27 76 932 5683 info@theerandsquad.co.za

Hello! I am Adhilla, a Johannesburg based Professional Errand Runner. There was a point in my life when I worked in the corporate world and really felt the need for professional assistance with my errands. I was always busy, burnt out and hardly had time for my family. I have since then started a professional errands service to help busy individuals achieve a better quality of life with the implementation of reliable and flexible services to overcome everyday life challenges.